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  1. Hi Mr Timmestein. Just browsed your page about TDS 520. Will ‘investigate’ the details later.
    I also rescued my scope from the scrap heap. It was bought by a nitwit electronic engineer employed at a marine research laboratory sometime in the 1990’s. This scope was far beyond his capabilities and also for the needs at the laboratory. It was put on a shelf to rest.
    Some 20 years later it was scrapped cause nobody could understand it.

    I agree that this scope would do at home or in a small firm as mine.
    Eventually I’ll try to make it work. First starting it a few years ago, it lit up, but not lately though.
    Got a hi noise from the hd though. Was thinking of replacing it with a modern ssd, but has not got that far yet.

    Anyway, is it possible to pick your brain for tips and tricks?

    Best regards

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