Sonoff Basic modifications

Replace flash memory

I want to use the Sonoff Basic with the mega-version of ESPeasy. This firmware does not fit in the 8 Mbit flash memory that’s standard on the boards. So I replaced the memory chip with a 32 Mbit version (Winbond W25Q32JVSSIQ). I bought the memories from RS Components.

It does, however, require some soldering skills.

Programming headers

First thing so do it add the headers for programming. This can be found all over the internet, but here it is again.

I added an extra pin so I can supply the board with 5 volts from my USB-to-serial convertor, as it doesn’t have 3V3 on it’s output pins. I soldered it so an unused hole and connected it to the input of the 3V3 regulator.

Remember that the RX and TX are 3V3 !

Enable the red led

The led that’s mounted on the board is a bi-color one. Default only the green half is connected (GPIO13). At least on the WiFi version, that is. The RF version of the Sonoff Basic uses the red led as well.

The only thing you have to do is solder Q4 (2N7002) and R23 (1K 0603) and the red led is lit when the relay is activated. The green led is then still under used control.

R23 (top middle)
Q4 (bottom left)

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